Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wild Food

My latest obsession is stuff you can pick off trees and eat, like chokecherries and wild apples. Blackberries are heavenly too, though they grow on bushes, prickly ones. I am apparently willing to bleed for food. Sweet, tart, rich, juicy food, anyway.
There's a chokecherry tree across the street from our house, in a patch of brush and trees that (I believe) is public land. . . No one scolded me, anyway, when I planted the ladder to pick the higher berries. There were still ones far above my head I couldn't reach, which was frustrating and I felt like I was living a parable. I could suddenly understand why people do dangerous things for foolish reasons. Just a little bit higher; just a few more chokecherries. . .
They are very good boiled and strained into a syrup made with fructose. Of course, you can also use sugar. The syrup is excellent on vanilla ice cream; it is fine on pork chops. You can also drink it straight and collapse on the kitchen floor in wild fruit ecstasy.