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The Mouse in the Study - Honeyguide

Astral Plane Church Service - Braided Way: Faces and Voices of Spiritual Practice

Insomniac Notes - The Q&A Queerzine

Pandemic Teaching in Six Parts - Survive and Thrive: A Journal for Medical Humanities and Narrative as Medicine

An Invocation for Learning and Safety - Inside Higher Ed

Election Season - Superstition Review
Meeting Place and Animate Objects - Gone Lawn
Eavesdropping in Britain - Cold Noon
Morbidity and Travel, Take It Back, and Torque - KYSO Flash
American Ingenue in Russia - Flash Glass
Brighton Beach, Duluth, Minnesota - Clade Song 
Holiday & 8 am - Long Exposure
The Quick - Split Rock
On the Garage Sale of a Favorite Poet - Ennyman's Territory
Ashland, Kentucky - Solstice
X Plus Y - Unlost: A Journal of Found Poetry
Codes  - Mulberry Fork Review
Bisque Porcelain Lion, Trinket Box Clown, and Pinecone Angel  - Ovenbird Poetry
Homophone Highway & Make Your Own Fun - The Light Ekphrastic
Just So and Ordinary People - In Posse Review
Communion - Prick of the Spindle
Teaching in 8 Parts -Two Hawks Quarterly
Thin Bits of Evidence - Art of Recovery
3 Prose Poems from Russia in 17 Objects - Tiger's Eye Press
Saw and Scrim: On Louise Nevelson - Blackbox Manifold
Sweet Sap - Tattoo Highway
Loner's Valentine - Fiction Attic

Meeting Place - KAXE
Ticks and Embroidered Flowers - KAXE
Eco-static, Bairnwort, and Telephone Wire - From the Fishouse: An Archive of Emerging Poets

Five Voices - Radio Pluto Project
Love? - Moving Poems
Tiny Plastic Mouse

Sheila Packa's Night Train Red Dust

"Women in Print" - Duluth News Tribune